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Town Garden

A modern town garden in Mill Hill. West Facing. Materials used: Soft wood timber decking, block work and render, Global Stone Indian sandstone in Monsoon Black.

The clients wanted an extension of their newly renovated and extended house. The starting point for the brief was the clients wishes of a fishtail shaped decking area immediately outside the back doors. They also wanted to make a feature or try blend in the newly erected outside house at the end of the garden. To the left of that they wanted a second seating area for entertaining in and in the garden somewhere a large level lawn.

We designed the garden using harmonious materials from inside the room which would open directly onto it. We worked with the lines of the timber floor boards inside the house and extended these with the decking outside. By raising the decking up to sit flush under the door frames we created an extended room, when the doors are open it feels like one complete space. We then repeated the rendered white walls of the house in the risers of the steps and the base of the decking.

At the end of the garden we designed a raised bed to adjoin the outside house masking it with planting of Festuca - blue grasses, Alliums and featuring a Eucalyptus tree. In the seating area we mirrored the square paved slate floor in the kitchen with a monsoon black slab in the same laying pattern. We added bespoke hard wood benches and disguised the dark stained fence at the back by building a block work wall just in front of it which was fitted with a stainless steel water blade and rendered white with a monsoon black paving coping on the top.