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Garden Design

Our Fully Trained Garden Designer Jessica O'Reilly is available to meet with you at your property to talk through the Design Services she offers and her pricing structure. At this point you can look through her previous work and decide if you would like to proceed with the garden design process.

When you are ready to move ahead you will be guided through the following stages:

consult Initial consultation
An in-depth discussion and brain storming session on everything you need and want out of your Outdoor Space. Many people think they are unaware of what they want but soon realise that when it comes to housing the wheely bins, hanging out the washing or a suitable barbecuing area, their opinion is vital! We work through a methodical questionnaire to make sure we have all the information we need. From this meeting an individual brief is drawn up, upon which the design will be based. A copy of this is sent to the client for approval, before the design is started.
measur Survey
The first step in creating your dream garden is to carry out a thorough survey of the site. This will be done by Jessica O'Reilly on smaller projects, or by an outside Surveyor on larger more complex sites. At this point any trees/plants that are staying will be marked down in the exact location as well as any other elements that are staying so the design can be worked around them. We will also undertake soil analysis, site orientation and analyise the micro-climates in the space to ensure that you get the right plants for your garden.
midway Midway consultation
A midway consultation is arranged when the design has been researched, planned and drawn up to scale in pencil. This is taken to the client for discussion, then individual elements can be changed/altered and discussed until you are entirely happy with the layout and materials.
lynch Presentation plan
Any changes are implemented, and then the finished plan drawn up. A copy for the client and copies for the contractors are made.
plant Planting plan
Once the design has been realised then the planting plan is undertaken. This is drawn to scale and a plant schedule is produced. Copies for the client and contractor are made. Photographs and descriptions of the plants are produced for the clients.
extra Extra services
Additional services that are offered but not as standard are:

Scaled 3-D Model
Axonometric Drawings
Elevation Drawings
Layout Plans for Contractors
Construction Drawings
Documents: Site report, Schedule of works
  Design standards
Our aim is to supply our clients with the highest quality design that is:
  • Functional
  • Practical
  • Meets the brief
  • Proportionate to the size of the house, existing features and furniture
  • Sympathetic to the style and period of the property
  • Ethically responsible in its use of materials
  • Well researched and dynamic