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Dean Farmer

Dean is managing director of RNGC and heads the Landscaping and Maintenance Teams. Dean started his horticultural career working on a market selling flowers, he then moved into florestry which he showed a real flare for, but decided was not quite hands on enough for him. Dean returned to studying at Oaklands College in St. Albans where he attained an NVQ 1,2,3 in Amenity Horiculture. He worked alongside various contractors before taking up a permanent Garden Maintenance position for The Really Nice Garden Company. Working for the company for 5 years gave him a firm foundation before taking it over in 2001 when his previous employer took retirement.

Dean has steadily and successfully moved the company forward to encompass Landscaping, Design and Garden Maintenance with a new look, uniform and abbreviated name. As a testiment to his character RNGC still maintain gardens that he worked on as an employee.